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About North County Cutting 

With Us the Grass is Greener

North County Cutting was founded by Andrew Foster in 2016. The company was founded based on the value of providing great lawn care and landscaping services to the people of northern Prince Edward County. Since it's founding in 2016, we have expanded our area of service to all of Price Edward County and beyond, as well as added a range of services to help keep your lawns in tip top shape! 

Andrew and his team are dedicated to providing the best services to meet your needs. Whether that is weekly lawn maintenance, dock installation, or building your dream deck, NCC does it all! We are more than happy to provide your lawn and home with a specific variety of services in order to get that picture perfect look!


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"Andrew and his team are hard working, reliable and conscientious workers. They cut several properties for the farm and always timely and well done! If any issues or changes, Andrew responds promptly. I really enjoy how his careful cutting and trimming highlights my flower beds each week!"

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